Colerain Baptist Church voted on Sunday, April 29 to make a donation of their assets to Wesley Church and to join them in ministry.

Wesley Church voted on Sunday, June 3 to accept Colerain Church - their people, their church and assets.  They will be Colerain Church; a Wesley Network Campus.

Summer preaching schedule:

June 10 - Ed Silliman

June 17 - Ken Walton

June 24 - Bryce Wendler

July 1 - Paul Gregory

July 8 - Ed Silliman

July 15 - Ken Walton

July 22 - Jim Fetterman

July 29 - Bryce Wendler

August 5 - Paul Gregory

August 12 - Ed Silliman

August 19 - Pastor Blake Deibler - 175th Celebration

August 26 - "New Campus Pastor" - if possible

 Vision for Church Revitalization

Purpose:  In line with our mission to know, grow and go, Wesley Church will partner with struggling churches...

  1. To glorify God by reigniting their congregations ministry to the community

  2. To expand the ministry of Wesley Church by creating a network of churches in our local area.

  3. To empower the people of our community to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with those in need.


  1. Identify local churches who may be operating in “survival mode”.

  2. Approach the leadership of those churches about the opportunity for partnership with Wesley Church, with the end goal of becoming a campus of Wesley Church.

  3. Create a transition team including the leadership of Wesley Church and the church that we are partnering with.

  4. Develop a plan of revitalization for that particular congregation.

  5. Implement the plan for a period of 6 months to 1 year, while the transition team meets monthly to discuss progress and hindrances to success.


  1. Wesley Church, its Leadership Team and staff will operate within and under the Constitution & Bylaws of Wesley Church.

  2. Any partnership with another church will require that Wesley Church, its Leadership Team and staff be allowed and given the full freedom to operate within the Constitution and Bylaws of Wesley Church.


Colerain Church Proposal

1. Colerain Baptist Church as it exists will cease to exist and donate their assets to Wesley Church and be renamed Colerain Church.

2. Colerain Church will exercise the dissolution clause in their Bylaws to become part of Wesley Church.

3. Colerain Church’s staff, missionaries and financial resources will be absorbed by Wesley Church and become part of the staff and missionaries of Wesley Church. 

4. Wesley Church will manage the finances of Colerain Church.

5. Wesley Church will pay Colerain Church’s staff and continue to provide support to Colerain Church’s missionaries.

6. Wesley Church will cover the expenses and building maintenance of Colerain Church.

7. Wesley Church will operate within the building of Colerain Church by Wesley Church’s own Constitution and Bylaws.

8. A “network” team will be formed including members from both congregations and this team will meet monthly to discuss progress.

9. Wesley Church will control and operate their website and all communication for Colerain Church.

10. Colerain Church will form a Campus Ministry Team with seven members from within their current congregation. The seven areas of focus will be as follows:

  • Congregational Care
  • Education
  • Facilities
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Ministry
  • Worship.

11. Wesley Church will track and report on a monthly basis the following:

  • Expenses associated with Colerain Church
  • Growth (attendance and offering)
  • Online presence
  • Time Invested
  • Major factors contributing to or hindering the success of the asset donation.